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Press Fire Games is a game dev studio with extensive experience in games and engine development. We create multiplayer shooter games and develop our own technologies.

The best graphics on mobile devices and great gameplay are what we stick to and focus on.

We've developed our own cross-platform game engine that allows us to create games with excellent graphics and gameplay. Battle Prime is the first project we've developed on our engine. It is a mobile shooter with millions of app installs and an above 4.5 rating in the AppStore and Google Play.

And still we move on and create new projects.

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For 20 years, our team has pioneered mobile game and engine development. Our expertise lies in rendering low-level optimization and high-performance networking, ensuring games are both visually stunning and seamlessly functional.

Our game design professionals excel in creating captivating experiences for both hardcore and midcore gamers. We don't just build games; we craft masterpieces optimized for mobile platforms, backed by decades of experience and technical mastery.

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